The Witcher, Book 1 — “The Last Wish”

A few words about it from a true fan

Edited image of my 4 “The Witcher Books” (Romanian versions)

Books First!

The first book, titled “The Last Wish” is a collection of short and longer stories that as a whole, constitute the start of the journey of witcher Geralt of Rivia through the land of Temeria. He is a monster slayer who kills all sorts of monsters for money.

The Best Time to Enjoy Witcher’s Saga

I enjoyed playing the games mostly in the winter, after starting the fire in the stove, making the Christmas tree, and lighting it up, maybe even grabbing a glass of wine; in other words, after setting up the most pleasant ambiance, the one that would suit the storytelling in the best way.



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Florin Marchis

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