My First Self-Hypnosis Experience

Revealed memories of a past medieval life in Ireland

4 min readMay 30, 2021

I was always interested in deeper aspects of the human consciousness, such as experiences under hypnosis that helped people heal certain diseases, break old habits or even remember past lives. You can find a ton of videos with subjects experiencing past lives using past life regression hypnosis, under the guidance of specialists.

I wanted to have such an experience, from curiosity, but it costs money and is not cheap. Luckily, there is another way to do this…and it’s free. You can find online videos with guided self-hypnosis sessions from specialists, that you can use to get into that state of relaxation.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

Hypnosis is not some magical state, neither something dangerous, but a state of deep relaxation. You have nothing to fear about. In this state, the hypnotist can make you fully focus on a specific thing of choice, but you are still aware of your surroundings. It helps you connect to your deeper self, so you can access your deepest memories.

What actually convinced me to take action and to try the experience myself, is the comments from these self-hypnosis video guides, from people who tried it and actually mention what years they remember from another life, names of spouses and children, real places, etc.

You can use the video that I used, which is one of the best of this type, by Dr. Brian Weiss:

Self-hypnosis session by Dr. Brian Weiss

A Journey Back in Time…

On a Friday, I was alone at home, my fiancee just left the house to get to her parents until the next day, so I prepared the ground for a self-hypnosis session using the video from Dr. Weiss.

With my headphones on and my eyes closed, I listened to the sweet soft voice on the session and I became calm, fully relaxed. After a while, following the instructions on the audio, I went back in time, to a sweet childhood memory and then to my mother’s womb. I could almost feel myself being there floating in that liquid in the placenta…

The voice then makes you remember what happened before you were in the womb, and here it is much difficult. I couldn’t remember much. It was like flashes of a field of grass, then me looking at my boots and then, suddenly I was there. I was still looking at my boots and realized they were actually not boots, but weird shoes like the ones Peter Pan would have…but as the image cleared, even more, they became weirder…they were not like Peter Pan’s shoes, but something that Irish people would wear on Saint Patricks's holiday, green shoes with a bent tip.

irish castle
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Following the guide’s advice, I looked at my clothes and my waist. I had leather armor covered by some metallic parts, a leather belt, and a long sword in my hand. Looking at the surroundings, I found myself on the grass, in the courtyard of a medieval Castle, that somehow looked British. There were other soldiers like me in a patroling formation and some people dressed for Saint Patrick’s holiday on some kind of a stage.

I walked with the other soldiers on the green grass and then we sat down. The wind was blowing pleasantly. I looked at my sword once again and then, following the guided session, I tried to remember the most important people in my life back then. I remembered the face of a beautiful redhead girl with long hair and a white face. I heard the name Alana in my mind. I couldn’t remember my name, but I knew hers and I clearly saw her image. I knew she was my wife. She was dressed in a long dark green dress.

Coming Back to the Present…

I tried to remember more but I started losing my focus, random thoughts came in and the session was almost ending anyway. Once I opened my eyes, the first thing I wanted to do is look on Google for images of Irish medieval castles and the name Alana to see if this is an Irish female name. I found out that Alana is indeed an Irish female name and from the images that I found with Irish castles in the medieval era, they looked similar to what I have seen in the session. Wow!

My sister’s name in the present life is Alina…maybe this has some meaning. I am sure right now is that it was Saint Patrick’s Day and it was like a military ceremony back then, in those medieval times. I also felt somehow that there was a war coming.

What Is This Experience Like?

You can only understand this when you try it yourself. You may wonder how you are actually seeing these things. Well, at first, you have the impression that you are imagining it. Then, the more immersed you are in the experience, the more you feel like it is a memory of something that you lived. It is not only visual but a fully sensorial experience, just like the one of a past memory.

You should try this too, but make sure you are alone and not bothered for one hour, in a silent and pleasant room. It can be a life-changing experience…Good luck!