How I Won 250$ Real Money From Free Spins

In an online casino slots game

3 min readApr 9, 2022
20 Dazzling Hot slots game
The image is an edited screenshot from the Superbet mobile app, more precise the 20 Dazzling Hot slots game

I found out about a sports betting app from my country called Superbet and I installed it just to put some money in sports bets and have fun. Some good matches were about to be played that day. While I am not an avid better, I do have the tendency once in a while to try my luck, especially because the very first time I betted on sports I won 50 bucks.

Not bad for the first time, huh? Well, in this story you are about to find out how I also won on free slot spins, also for the first time.

Daily Superspin

Inside the sports betting application, there is an option called Superspin that you can do daily. Many spins are unsuccessful, but sometimes you get free spins on casino slot games as a reward for spinning the daily wheel and these can bring you real money.

They are indeed small amounts, like 1 dollar, that you can use further in betting or casino games.

Knowing this, with these free daily spins, I won 20 free spins on the slots game called 20 Dazzling Hot, which made me my first dollar. I gambled that dollar further, multiplying it to 8 dollars. Then, I caught multiple rows of various fruits, including grapes, and this took my money up to 30 dollars. Then, I jumped to 300 dollars.

I Eventually Cashed Out 250$

I was amazed, but still, I couldn't t believe what I was seeing or that the money is real money and not just imaginary game credits. To be honest, I didn’t see the app as something very serious, so I didn’t know if this was real money that you can get into your bank account or not.

It seems I was wrong. As soon as I reached 300$, I showed my girlfriend how much I made and she said to stop and cash out. But, I wasn’t ready yet. I decided to play further. This time I wasn’t that lucky. I began to lose. As soon as I got back to 250$, I said to myself:

“Probably in these games the secret is to know when to stop playing…”

I stopped and checked to see if I could cash out. I already had a debit card attached to the account, since I put some money in for betting (small amounts, such as 10 dollars a few times). I cashed out and I kept checking my mobile banking app.

To my surprise, after 10 minutes, the sum of 250$ was in my bank account. A very happy day!

To serve as a disclaimer:

Please don’t think that the story I wrote here is in any way a promotional one. I do not intend to make referrals or anything like that. The link to the site is not even a referral link. I don’t promote casino games and I don’t recommend them because they involve high risks.

All I wanted here was to show you that, even if you do need lots of luck, like me, you can win real money at free spins in slots games online, without investing anything. I don’t know about the Jackpot, though, because I didn’t take it, or at least not yet…