They will surely change the world

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For a long time, I continued to watch how others gain or lose in the crypto market. I sat on the couch, so to speak, without acting, without investing and I only got in once, an experience that I talk about in this article from 2020:

The reasons for which I avoided buying cryptocurrency were mostly related to a lack of funds to invest and the need for more research regarding new projects. …

What is the explanation?

old books and coffee on the table
old books and coffee on the table
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Do you like to read books? Then you surely have read an older book and have felt its nice scent.

Even if you never read any old books, you could at least try opening one, and see what feeling you have when you do this. It is a unique feeling. Smell the paper, and feel the vanilla-like scent…

The Experience of Reading an Old Book

For any dreamer out there, reading a book in a village, in the middle of nature, can make things just perfect! You have the fresh air and the quietness. …

Our consciousness survives

spiral stained glass
spiral stained glass
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People have been preoccupied with immortality since ancient times and it seems to me that they were more connected to the other side back then than they are today. This could only be my impression, because, if you do some research, you will find that there are so many books about life after death today and many of them are actually case studies of near-death experiences and past life regressions.

Empirical evidence

Could there be evidence that our consciousness continues to live after death? Maybe not tangible, palpable evidence, but we are talking about a world that is not physical.

There is…

Slow down and take a look inside once in a while

girl on the shore
girl on the shore
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Life is agitation, movement, struggle, joy, sadness, dangers, conversations, work, speed, loudness, etcetera.

I call this background noise.

Sometimes it becomes more than background noise. It inundates your senses and it becomes the daily flow of life, a hum that is so impregnated into you that you don’t hear or feel it as a hum. It becomes what you see as normal.

It is like a steam engine that repeats the same motion from time to time and you don’t hear anything else. This means that you cannot pay attention to something else.

Every once in a while, you need…

Definitely, but it will not be easy

agency meeting
agency meeting
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When you decide to be a freelancer, you usually do it because you want to have more free time, to be able to work whenever you want and wherever you want. It means having more freedom, which at this point, it is more important than having maximum productivity. This is where it becomes tricky and I will explain the reasons.

A Couple of Years Being a Freelancer

I decided to be a freelancer after struggling with various workplaces that I didn’t like. I noticed that I am good at writing, not only in my native language Romanian but also in English.

I applied to different content mills…

My first article went viral after coming back to Medium

100 dollars bill
100 dollars bill
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I started my journey on Medium in May 2020, when the pandemic was still at the beginning. It was a tough period in my life. Because of the pandemic, my employer at the time had to cut down my salary to a minimum and this happened just when I thought I was going to make additional money using Medium.

I couldn’t work for that salary so I decided to quit the job, but I still had left a month of vacation and I took it, thinking that I was going to give Medium a shot during this time and also…

Do not neglect this, ticks are very dangerous!

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As soon as the vegetation starts to explode in the spring, the tick season begins. Getting ticks under your skin is a possible occurrence especially in certain regions, and these regions are colored in red on the ticks occurrence maps. Towards the end of summer, ticks become less and less dangerous, until they are gone.

I live in a region of Romania that is known for tick-related issues, but in the last years, it seems their numbers have grown. I haven’t been bitten until a few years ago. …

What future influencers would be like?

transparent manequins
transparent manequins
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Everybody is talking nowadays about influencers, so much that it has become a trend now to be a Youtuber or a TikTok star. Don’t worry…even if every youngster in our society would make money from YouTube, the future is assured… many of the regular jobs in the future will be performed by robots…

Influencers today

For beginning to understand what an influencer will become in the future, let’s start with the definition of an influencer as we know it today. Of course, different people may tell you different things.

The truth is influencer marketing works better than traditional advertising simply because if…

They have a lot of growth potential

cryptocurrencies on smartwatch
cryptocurrencies on smartwatch
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In my opinion, and many investors feel the same way, the best way to invest in cryptocurrency is for the long term. Those who know how to ride the waves of volatility and perform short trades can make a lot of money too. The long term is where the big gains are if you have the time and the patience.

I invested in some of the coins below, and I will also extend my portfolio to as many as I can from this list. …

Solving serious problems, such as trust issues & bureaucracy

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Smart contracts could finally be that one thing to get us rid of paperwork, dossiers full of contract papers, and computer folders or cloud drives full of excel sheets. Smart contracts are meant to be a complete shift in the way we do business and a totally new paradigm.

As you will see, smart contracts are based on a stupidly simple concept but they are so useful that they can actually change the world.

Finally, we found a revolutionary solution, but we are still just at the beginning of its implementation!

Paper, Excel Sheets…and Papers Again

Bureaucracy has been born with the first uses of…

Florin Marchis

Digital marketing specialist from Romania, writing about nature, technology, self-improvement, spirituality, marketing, relationships, and travel.

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