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They will surely change the world

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

For a long time, I continued to watch how others gain or lose in the crypto market. I sat on the couch, so to speak, without acting, without investing and I only got in once, an experience that I talk about in this article from 2020:

The reasons for which…

You can make money from flipping NFTs

atomic NFT market edited screenshot
The image is an edited screenshot from Atomic Hub, made by the author

Have you as a little kid ever collected trading cards? I don’t know about children right now, but in my childhood, we were crazy about collecting all sorts of trading cards, especially as you could find them wrapped inside bubble gum packages. Everybody was chewing gum, collecting trading cards, and…

The 1st game in the trilogy — a unique atmosphere

screnshot from witcher 1 video game
Image is taken from (screenshot from the game)

It was a winter night, I was in the countryside where my family has a house. Everything was prepared for Christmas. The tree was done, the fire was made in the stove, it started snowing.

I was just reading about this new game called The Witcher 3, knowing nothing about…

Why do we need this transition?

3d landscape animation and “web 3.0” text over
Image created in Canva by the author

The 3rd version of the world wide web is coming and is based on blockchain. What this means is that it will be fully decentralized, contrary to what the internet is right now, a global network controlled by various entities.

We went a long way to reach this point and…

Florin Marchis

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