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Digital marketing specialist from Romania, writing about nature, technology, self-improvement, spirituality, marketing, relationships, and travel.

They will surely change the world

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

For a long time, I continued to watch how others gain or lose in the crypto market. I sat on the couch, so to speak, without acting, without investing and I only got in once, an experience that I talk about in this article from 2020:

The reasons for which…

On LinkedIn

coworkers celebrating success
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I am not on Medium just for the money. I love the writing part, the possibility it gives you to improve, the easy way in which you can put your ideas down, and the fact that you can reach such great audiences.

Sometimes, you can have really pleasant surprises on…

20.10.2021 new all-time high — who’s laughing now?

Photo created by Andrea Piacquadio, from Pexels

Bitcoin just hit a new all-time high on October 20, 2021, surpassing the one of over 64,800$ from April 2021. It was a long and bumpy ride, but those who believed in the power of cryptocurrencies are now ripping the benefits. …

Impatience versus patience

black guy thinking in his office
Photo created by Thirdman, from Pexels

Many people approach cryptocurrency investments the wrong way and then they complain that, for them, these things don't work, that they have already lost a lot of money. No matter if you invest in cryptocurrencies or stocks, there is one important aspect that I have noticed: timing is everything.


Earn without investing

screenshot of the StormGain website
The image is a screenshot taken by the author from the StormGain website

StormGain is a huge exchange and trading platform for cryptocurrency traders and is one of the most trusted platforms of this type that you can find. It allows you to trade with leverages of up to 300, which can help you make a lot of profit but also lose more…

And the reason I bought them

shiba inu dog
Photo by Jaycee Xie on Unsplash

My interest in the crypto space started with the small amount of money that I made right when Bitcoin was close to the bull run peak of 2017 and continued with my investments in coins like Cardano, VeChain, Stellar, Chilliz, and others that almost doubled since May 2021.

My latest…

Mobile friendly with glitches finally solved!

alien worlds interface update
Image is taken from the official website and edited by the author

Since you are reading this, you probably played Alien Worlds at least once. If you still didn’t try it and you like the space-themed games, I recommend this blockchain game. …

The earlier you do them the more you benefit later

talking a walk in teh city
Photo by Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash

Being in my late thirties, not long ago I was in a situation that made me regret skipping some life steps that could be of such value right now.

I wanted to go for a while on unemployment benefits until I find a better job with a better salary. I…

I have known them since I was little

boletes, russula, chanterrele mushrooms on a table
Photo made by the author

I have picked up mushrooms since I was a boy because it was like a tradition in my family. I was taught which mushrooms were good for sure, to recognize them. Now that I have also done some research and I am also a member of these Facebook groups in…

In theory, that could be just right

helix nebula seen through a telescope
The Helix nebula, resembling the human eyes, is also known as The Eye of God. Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

Since I have learned some of the basic notions in school physics, I have noticed some similarities between our solar system and the particles that compose an atom. …

Florin Marchis

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