4 Annoying Behavior Patterns of Careless People

Are they doing it on purpose or it’s just ignorance?

3 min readNov 11, 2021
a woman pointing the finger at another woman
Photo created by Liza Summer, from Pexels

Did you have to deal with people who don’t seem to care at all? I am talking about people for which life seems to be endless, they don’t think about showing on time when you have to meet them, or simply seem to be ignorant when it comes to considering some things that you say, or things in your life that are important.

I do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, but some behaviors are sometimes too ignorant. I just want to explain the facts that I’m seeing. Each individual is indeed different, but some clues can point to an ignorant person.

I noticed certain patterns that repeat over and over when you have to deal with them. Here is what I think are 4 of the most common patterns that tend to happen often:

1. “Poetry” Mode

Repeating the same “poetry" when you tell them something you know better and they don’t agree

Even if you know a certain domain much better than they do, they are not aware of this and they have a certain opinion that you know for sure is wrong, but they continue to repeat the same thing they know to be true, even if it’s not.

It’s like they are activated to repeat the same “poetry”, like a robot. They don’t raise the tone, but they annoyingly start again to say the same thing each time you try to explain your point.

2. Taking Everything For Granted

Saying you changed if you stop pleasing them

Many times careless people don’t realize that they are taking advantage of you. There are indeed some people who do this intentionally, but there are others who simply don’t realize that they make you do a ton of things for them, without even asking you if you can or not if you have time or not.

There is a clear line between a friend who helps and someone who just has to accept repeatedly the fact that he has to help someone even when not having the means to do it.

At a point in time when you stop doing this, they say you changed. It’s like you are the one to blame for not pleasing them again, as they took everything for granted.

3. Playing The Deaf

Asking “What?” and “Who?” right after you talked about these exact things

Maybe the person didn’t hear what you said? No, it is more like there was a lack of focus on what you said. Since what you say is not that important for this person, you were ignored right at the beginning of your speech. It happens repeatedly, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a problem.

What is the worst is that they don’t even realize they are annoying. They ask you about what you said like you were talking to someone else instead of talking to them and they just come up in the conversation. But, when they want to talk, they talk over you to another person without even caring.

4. The Belief Wall

Becoming cold and distant after you insisted on something that challenged their beliefs

This is a very common thing when there is a difference of opinions, especially when this is about something important, like an idea or a belief. A good example would be a religious matter.

Say something the listener is not prepared to hear and your words will be dismissed and ignored. The person can even get mad at you or treat you differently after hearing what you have to say about their comfort zone. They build an imaginary wall around them.

While there could be some people who are doing these things on purpose to manipulate you, many of them are ignorant of your sincerity and good intentions and they are doing them solely out of their ignorance.

You may agree or not with the 4 points I presented here, but they are just reflections of the things that I have experienced. You surely have experienced at least one of these situations.