3 Things That Prove We Live After Death

Our consciousness survives

3 min readJul 10, 2021
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People have been preoccupied with immortality since ancient times and it seems to me that they were more connected to the other side back then than they are today. This could only be my impression, because, if you do some research, you will find that there are so many books about life after death today and many of them are actually case studies of near-death experiences and past life regressions.

Empirical evidence

Could there be evidence that our consciousness continues to live after death? Maybe not tangible, palpable evidence, but we are talking about a world that is not physical.

There is a lot of empirical evidence.

The evidence is in what people witness and they are in great numbers. Some of them have made a step on the other world and came back, others are remembering how things happened in other lifetimes under hypnosis and others have communicated with their loved ones who crossed over.

1.Near-Death Experiences (NDE)

There is a certain pattern when it comes to the things that people feel and see in near-death experiences, but there are also very different experiences from the norm.

The most common experiences

Most people have that experience of being somewhere above their bodies, watching everything, and even knowing what doctors are saying and how they are trying to resuscitate them. Then, they have the experience of what they call a tunnel with a bright light at the end, and how they start to embrace that light when they are heading towards it.

This experience wouldn’t be so common if it wouldn't be real, especially since after the subjects wake up, they can tell doctors what has been discussed and what has been done in their absence and with great accuracy.

Some of them have said that the experience is even more real than our reality.

Mind-boggling isn’t it?

2.Past Life Hypnotic Regressions

In past life regressions, hypnosis is used with certain techniques for triggering the past life memories of a person. The subjects talk in great detail about how they lived their past lives, what their names were, the location, the time, etc.

Lives between lives

What is more interesting is that there are certain techniques, such as QHHT, also known as quantum hypnosis, that reveal not only past lives but also what happens in between. It seems that the souls of people reside in what they call the spirit world, and there is a lot to do there.

If you want to have a past life regression, this should be done by an expert in the field, but you can also experience a past life regression on your own. You just need a quiet room and some free time when you are not bothered. This is how I did it:

3.After Death Communication Stories (ADC)

These stories talk about visual encounters, feelings of presence, or even hearing voices of relatives who are on the other side of the veil (dead). Maybe some individuals have a sixth sense, and they are more connected to the frequencies of other dimensions of reality and that’s why they can still connect with people who have died.

Healing and closure

These ADC episodes seem to have a healing effect on the people who experience them because they can bring closure to certain issues that they have with the deceased ones, or they can be comforted by their presence.

What comes out of all these ways to perceive life on the other side is that our consciousness survives death and is actually eternal. It never ceases to exist, it just changes, it transforms, it evolves.

I have presented 3 empirical types of evidence that prove death is only a phase and not the end. Maybe in the future technology will help us have more tangible proof. Until then, we can have this assurance that the end of physical life is not the end of our consciousness, but probably the beginning of a new experience.